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The Polo shirt was originally designed by tennis player, seven Grand Slam winner René Lacoste, and its brand Lacoste launched a kind of collar sports shirt. The shirt is shorter in front side than the back side, and two sides of hem have a small cut open, which is aimed not to be bounded during swinging the racquet.

Later, Polo Ralph Lauren introduced the clothing type to Polo community and other sports and even in leisure wearing. And now the polo shirt has become the best choice of semi business and semi leisure style. Today what we are going to talk about is one of the most famous brands of Polo – Fred Perry.

Fred Perry is a British celebrated sports apparel brand, and is also the world’s first brand developed from the sports apparel to casual clothes. Polo shirt as the flagship brand of products, its cuffs and collar have marked double color stripe, matched brilliant color and slim cut. It is not only loved by the tennis players, but also is in favor of numerous British rock bands (such as Oasis, The Who).

Fred Perry (Frederick John Perry, 1909-1995) is the first British players to get the tennis 8 Grand Slam champion, is also the first player to win four tennis champion in the American, French, Australian, British competition. Fred Perry must be a legendary player in tennis world. And a brand launched by the legendary player are also legendary as himself.

The creation of the Fred Perry brand is a great coincidence. At the end of 1940, the World War II just ended, the sports market was lack of bracers especially for athletes. A man named Tibby Wegner, the Austria football players found the British Legendary tennis player Frederick John Perry. He hoped Perry could design a wristband for him. At the same time, Fred Perry also began to introduce the wristband to some tennis players, and then won the praise. So Fred Perry started to design a series of his namesake Fred Perry sportswear.

The logo design of Fred Perry brand is from Fred Perry’s hometown, in which the scenery is pretty beautiful. There are lot of laurels growing nearby, therefore Fred Perry took the laurel as the logo of the brand. The laurels are the symbol of victory and glory and laurel is glory and victory, which could exactly show the great record of Fred Perry.

At that time, Fred Perry marketing strategy is quite successful. Fred Perry gave some sportswear designed by himself to the TV reporters and some athletes, so quickly the brand of sportswear got high exposure and visibility with the vigorous development of sports.

In 1960s, the modernist movement (MODS) set off in the United Kingdom. Those MODS supporters required Fred Perry to produce different colors of Polo Shirt, which opened the market of casual apparel of Fred Perry brand. The collar and sleeves of Fred Perry Polo shirts were added colorful piping, which were greatly loved by many British young people. As it happened, the UK won the world cup in 1966, football wind was prevailing. In order to meet the needs of the market, Fred Perry introduced a series of Polo shirts which were similar to the jerseys. In 70s, Fred Perry was popular among British actors and the members of hot bands. It became a craze in the UK, and soon the Fred Perry apparel extended to all parts of the world.

Looking back on the development course of the brand, since started in 1952m, the Leisure apparel brand from London was deeply influenced by the MOD culture, British rock Britpop for dozens of years. Malone, Oasis, Blur and other movie stars as well as many well-known bands had so promoted the development of Fred Perry. No matter fashion or culture, the affect of Fred Perry to British young people was greatly profound. Later, after the introduction to Japan by Beams, Fred Perry has become the essential casual clothing brand for Asian men and wome in recent years.

Fred Perry Polo Australia could become the eternal classic, the reason is that no matter in materials or tailoring, the clothes can be made to be similar to the first one in 1952, while the Fred Perry classic clothing has become a new darling of the current trend.

All along, Fred Perry is walking with the gentleman design of British institute wind. Fred Perry has worked with Japanese designer Wakubo Rei, British designer Emma Cook and the Belgian designer Raf Simons those cross-border masters. It is definitely a brand can not be ignored today!

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